Svoe Mesto Gorgon RDCA

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Svoe Mesto Gorgon RDCA

In true SvoeMesto fashion, the Gorgon RDCA elevates the rebuildable dripper to a whole new level with infinite adjustability and performance. The C in RDCA stands for customisable and the design is such that you can tailor the experience to your exact preferences with a total of 12 fully adjustable points for air flow: 6 from under coils and 6 from above and the kit is supplied with “air stubs” so you can block off the air flow at any point you wish. Run it with dual coils or a single coil. If you don’t like the glass viewing window or top-side air flow then there is a drop-kit (available separately) to shorten the overall height and delete the top side air flow options and glass viewing window. Mounting your coil(s) has been simplified with a single screw clamping system on each leg.


  • Glass viewing window
  • 12 air flow points all fully adjustable
  • 26mm diameter
  • 316 Stainless steel construction

Kit Contents

  • Fully assembled Gorgon RDCA
  • Full spares pack
  • 6 x blocking stubs for air flow

Diameter: 26mm
Length:  48mm (not including 510 thread)



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